Creating a New Custom Template

While MerusCase can help with your template creation process, you can also create your own custom templates. Download and open a MerusCase Template Creator in MS Word by following one of the links below.

From within the Template Creator, open the MerusCase tab in MS Word.

Click on the dropdown menu for the desired merge field.

Select the merge field from the dropdown list. Many find it useful to copy and paste the merge code from the Template Creator into the Template they’re currently creating.

Once complete, save the document to your computer. Make sure that you create and save the document as a separate file, not in the template creator document itself.


Already have custom templates created in your firm? Save time and ensure accuracy and consistency by using an existing custom template to create a new one. To do this, download an existing template that has similar merge fields already populated, make your edits, and rename the template on saving. Once this template 'copy' has been uploaded to the system, your firm will have a brand new template.

Uploading a Template to use in MerusCase

Upload a new Custom Template via Documents > Upload Tool.

Be sure to select Office (MS Word) Template as the Upload Type.