Using the QuickSave Feature

QuickSave is a streamlined and simplified method of saving templates (letters, pleadings, and so forth) to MerusCase. With one button, you can push any changes to a document back into your case.

This method uses the macros in Microsoft Word to save the document back into the case where you merged it. After downloading and opening a document (by merging a template or by downloading an already-merged template from the Activity section of a case), you can easily save the document directly to MerusCase from Word by clicking the QuickSave button.

QuickSave Button

The QuickSave button looks similar to the default Word ‘Save’ Icon. If you hover your mouse over the button, you’ll see a tooltip that reads “Project.ThisDocument.SaveToMerus.”


The appearance of the QuickSave button may differ slightly for older versions of Microsoft Word. However, you can always identify the QuickSave button by the "Project.ThisDocument.SaveToMerus" tooltip that shows when you hover it, just like in the screenshot above.

By default, you’ll only see the most recently QuickSaved version of that letter in Activities in your case, but you can still see older drafts of that letter if you click the eye icon under the search bar and then click Show Hidden.

Quicksave Button Not Displaying?

If the QuickSave button does not show up in documents downloaded from MerusCase, you may need to adjust some settings in Word to allow the QuickSave Macro. Please follow the short instructions on our Setting Up the QuickSave Macro page.