MerusCase Subscription Information

The features available under the new MerusCase Subscription Information page allow for better management of your firm’s MerusCase user licenses and subscription renewals. In addition to having the power to increase your license count at any time, you’ll have the option to enroll in automatic payments — making overdue invoice notifications and service interruptions a thing of the past. To take full advantage of these features, navigate to Tools & Settings > MerusCase Subscription Information and follow the available prompts.

Account Info & Billing Info

This is the default tab under your MerusCase Subscription Information settings. From the Account Info & Billing Info tab, you can update the contact and billing information required to process payments on your firm’s invoices. You can also view the most recent invoices for your firm, in addition to any outstanding balance you may have on your account.

Subscription Settings

You can use the form on this tab (entitled “Manage Your Firm’s Subscription”) to modify your firm’s license count. Your firm’s next renewal date and active user count will be clearly displayed for your convenience. From the Subscription Settings tab, you may add software licenses to your MerusCase account at any time to allow for a larger number of active users. If you wish to decrease your firm’s number of licenses, you may request to drop your firm’s license count before your firm’s next renewal period, but the decrease will not go into effect until the new subscription period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone in our firm access our subscription and invoice information?
No - Just as before, only users with administrative permissions have access to your subscription and billing information.

I’m on my mobile phone. Why can’t I view my invoice?
Your mobile browser’s pop-up blocker may be preventing the invoice page or billing information page from opening properly. Instructions on modifying your settings for commonly used browsers to allow these pages to open can be found at the following links: Safari settings or Chrome settings. Please note these links are for websites not affiliated with MerusCase and are provided for informational purposes only.

Why can’t I see anything under the Account Info & Billing Info page?
If you cannot see your firm’s Account Holder Information, Account Status, or Billing Information, the most likely cause is that your firm’s account is not quite fully loaded into our new subscription billing model. When it is time for your firm to renew your MerusCase subscription, you will be able to view all the features on this page. If your firm’s next renewal period has already begun and you still cannot see these features, please contact for additional assistance.

Why can’t I see anything on my Subscription Settings page?
If no information is displayed on this page, your firm’s next subscription period under our new billing system has not yet started. Once your firm is fully set up with our new invoicing system, you should have full access to all the pages under the MerusCase Subscription Information tab.

Under the Subscription Settings Page, why does Renewal Date and Cost per License just list “Unknown”?
This would indicate that your next subscription under our new billing system has not yet started. If you are on a trial account, this signifies that you do not have an active account with us yet.

Why can’t I edit my Subscription Settings page?
Certain account types do not have the option of changing their license count in the MerusCase application. If you need to make a modification to the number of licenses for your account, please contact or

Why does my invoice look different?
MerusCase implemented a new invoicing system to manage your subscription. With this new invoicing system, you can now pay with a credit card. You can also set up scheduled payments so you won’t miss a payment.