Case Progress Overview

Case Progress allows you to set and maintain guidelines on your billing through the different Phases of a case’s progression, in tandem with your Billing Rules. If you do not want to see the progress bar in Case Details, the Case Progress view can be toggled in User Preferences under the Case Details section.

Case Progress Setup

Case Progress Setup allows you to add Case Progress Templates firmwide or for specific case types, which govern the Phases a case is split into and how many hours are to be billed in each respective Phase. It can be accessed via Tools & Settings > Firm Display Options > Case Progress Setup (Default Budgets/Phases).

Case Progress Timeline

The Case Progress Timeline appears on each case and shows the progression of the case itself as well as the structure of its billing. Though it inherits its info from the Template you assign to it, it can be thoroughly customized for the specific case you’re working on. You can find it at the very top of any given case’s Case Details tab.