Employment Tab

The Employment tab stores information specific to employment law cases. Note that all of these checkboxes, amounts, dates, and text fields can automatically be merged into employment law forms for your convenience


The Plaintiff(s) and Employer(s) on the case will show up here for easy reference to their info and access to their respective contact cards. Adding the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) on the Parties tab of the case with the appropriate People Type (i.e. Plaintiff or Employer) is what determines whether or not they show up here.

Employment Details

Employment Status

Wage Information

Wage Claims

Check the box for each wage claim that the plaintiff is pursuing. The options include Regular Wages, Overtime Wages, Meal Period Wages, Rest Period Wages, Split Shift Premium, Reporting Time Pay, Commissions, Vacation Wages, Business Expenses, Unlawful Deductions, and Other.

Each of the above wage claim options has three straightforward fields that appear for editing only when you’ve checked its box.

At the bottom of this section, there is a box for Total Amount Paid, referring to how much has already been paid to the plaintiff by the employer.


On employment law forms that ask for the total sum of all of your wage claims and the difference of said total sum and the total amount paid by the employer, MerusCase will automatically do the necessary calculations for you! All you have to do is fill in the fields above.

Retaliation/Discrimination Complaint



Similarly to the Plaintiff/Employer section at the top of the Employment tab, this section contains anyone on the case’s Party tab whose People Type is set to Witness. Additionally, you will see the details of their testimony here, per what’s entered under (Case-Specific) Testimony on their contact card under the Party tab of this case.