What is a Chargeback?

Chargebacks through MerusPay

A chargeback is a dispute initiated by a cardholder (in this case your customer) when they don’t recognize a transaction or when they claim other fraud-related reasons like merchandise not received, canceled services, or incorrect amount, amongst others.

If you receive a Chargeback notice, don’t worry! MerusPay offers chargeback assistance at no additional cost and our team will work with you to collect and submit evidence in response to the chargeback.

Evidence needed to respond to and resolve the chargeback may include:

Please note that the decision about who prevails on the chargeback is made by the credit card company and your bank, not MerusCase or the MerusPay team. It is also important to note that chargebacks and all related communication from the MerusPay Compliance team are time-sensitive and require your prompt attention in order for our team to begin work on your behalf.

If you do not respond to communication regarding a chargeback within the appropriate time window you may forfeit your opportunity to dispute the chargeback. If you have any further questions about chargebacks or related processes, please reach out to [email protected].