Filtering Contacts & Companies

  1. In the top horizontal menu of MerusCase, click Contacts.

  2. Click Search Contacts & Companies. This will open the search bar, enabling you to search through your firm’s rolodex in order to find a specific contact.

You can narrow your search by using filters. For the Contacts & Companies section, the available filters are: Display Name, Companies Only, Last Name, First Name, Social Security Number, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Address Display, City, State, ZIP Code, County, and UAN Code.

Any table in MerusCase allows for filtering across any of the columns on your screen to provide the user a tailored list within the system. In other words, use the filter to quickly find a specific line item within the table.

Additionally, MerusCase supports the use of multiple filters at once. For instance, a user can search for all open (by the Case Status column) cases within Browse Cases and then apply a second filter to then search for Assigned to Me (by the Staff column) within those open cases.

To apply multiple filters, enter the first filter then click on the magnifying glass. On click, a drop-down window will appear. Click Add Filter and toggle what to filter by.

Select Always use this column if you wish to always use the same filter type. Many firms find it particularly useful to select this option when filtering for cases, forms, or templates.


MerusCase filtering has very powerful Search and Filter Tricks available to you, such as Custom Filter Shortcuts, powerful keywords, Preset Filters and even more!

To remove a filter, click on the added filter button (each applied filter appears as a button underneath the Search/Filter bar). For example, to remove the filter for open cases, click on the button Status: Open underneath the Search/Filter bar.

One unique component of the Search/Filter capabilities for the Contacts and Companies section is the ability to filter by People Type. The Filter on People Type selection will appear as an additional dropdown menu available in the filter options section.