Injuries Tab

Workers’ Compensation cases in MerusCase have a unique Injuries tab. This is where all injury information can be stored in your case file. You can also record multiple injuries, link the appropriate parties to each injury, track deadlines, and add statutes to your calendar.

Adding a New Injury

To add a new injury, click the Add New Injury button in the Injuries Tab. There are many fields available to enter information, split into four sections: General Injury Information, Other Dates, Disability and Earnings, Vocational Rehabilitation. Once you have entered in the injury information you would like to record, click the Save button at the top of the page.


Are you a Workers' Compensation firm in California? If the the injury you're looking to enter into MerusCase already has an assigned EAMS case number, save time by importing injury and party information from the EAMS website.

General Injury Information


To see more info on statutes, please take a look at Statutes.

Other Dates

This sectopm includes the filing dates and deadlines for various packets and other crucial events.

Disability and Earnings

Vocational Rehabilitation

View all Injury Details

In the Injuries tab of a Case File, each injury shows the main details, and hides some of the content for ease of use. To view information about Filing and Deadline Dates, Disability Information, Vocational Rehabilitation, and other details, click the Details link at the bottom of the injury information. The Injury section will expand to show that content.

If you would like to hide that information, click the Details link again to hide the content.

Linking Parties to an Injury

  1. Once in a Case, click on the Injuries Tab.

  2. Under Linked Parties, check the box next to the party you would like to associate with the chosen Injury. Merus will automatically save this information. Please note this is only visible once an injury has been created in a case. If the case has no injury, you will only see Add New Injury and cannot associate a party with a non-existent injury.


If you do not see the party you would like to link, you will need to make sure the party is associated with the case. Please refer to Adding a new Party for more information.

Assigning Deadlines

MerusCase will automatically generate the deadline dates for Application of Adjudication and Serious & Willfull. You can also fill out other deadline information in the Injuries tab:

  1. Once in a Case, click on the Injuries Tab.

  2. Click the Add New Injury button.

  3. Enter in a Date of Injury.

  4. Once the Date of Injury is filled, the Application for Adjudication and Serious and Willful deadlines will automatically fill in. Scroll down to the Other Dates section to view the deadlines. You can also manually enter other deadlines to record those in this section.