Removing Duplicate Contacts

If for some reason you notice multiples of the same contact or company within your firm’s rolodex, you can use the Dedupe tool to sift through your entire rolodex at once and remove all exact duplicates, or you can individually Combine/Merge Contacts for greater precision.

Dedupe Tool

The Dedupe Tool is a great way to safely sift through your whole rolodex by letting MerusCase do all the work of merging exact duplicates.

Combine/Merge Contacts

If you notice that you have a person or company entered as two (or more) separate contacts, this tool will allow you to merge them into one with as little fuss as possible.

  1. Click on Contacts and then Search Contacts & Companies.

  2. Search for the person/company in question and open their Contact Card. Note: This contact will be the primary contact, the one whose info will take precedence over that of any contacts merged into it (e.g. name). Make sure that you choose the most informative, accurate contact as the primary one for this process.

  3. Click Combine/Merge Contacts at the bottom of their Contact Card. This will open up a new search bar underneath in a section titled Merge Other Contact Entries into this Contact.

  4. The search bar will likely already have a search entered in it and results listed underneath, as MerusCase tries to find similarly-named contacts to speed up this process for you. If you do not see the contact(s) you would like to merge with the primary one, simply search for them in this area.

  5. Click the Merge & Delete button on the contact(s) you would like to merge. Confirm when MerusCase prompts you to do so.

  6. Check this new merged Contact Card to ensure that all info is correct. The results you should expect are:

    • Fields such as name, people type, SSN, DL, A-Number, nationality, language, gender, etc. will all be drawn from the primary contact.
    • Fields such as alias, address, phone number, email, and comments will include info from both the primary contact and any contact(s) merged with them.
    • Billing info will be drawn from the primary contact, but secondary contacts can fill in info such as default billing rates in the primary contact that are at $0.00.
    • When companies are merged, all contacts linked as employees of any of the companies in question will have the merged company in their employment history. Similarly, if contacts with different employment histories (including current employer) are merged, the primary contact’s employer will remain the current employer while all others will be listed in the employment history.
    • When a bill-to contact is merged, your previously-created invoices will continue to look the same. However, your open, reviewed, and rejected charges will all change to reflect the new billing contact.


If you try to merge the contact for an outside user - someone who isn't a MerusCase user but made a temporary account in order to see a secure message from you - MerusCase has a safety feature which will not allow you to do so until 7 days have passed since they created the temporary account.