Submit DWC Packets via JET File or E-form Filing

JET File is a California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) service that allows filers to submit multiple court forms and attachments in one click of a button.

It is designed for large-volume filers who file a hundred or more of any one of the following forms annually:

E-form Filing is offered by the California Division of Worker’s Compensation (DWC) as a means to accelerate the process of filing by submitting certain court forms and attachments online.

MerusCase makes it easy to eFile a QME Form 106 Panel Request per the DWC’s guidelines.


These features are only available, and visible, to firms where a user's default case type is Workers' Compensation and Jurisdiction is set to California in User Preferences. Additionally, in order to use JET Filing or other E-filing in MerusCase, your firm will need to submit a signed Authorization Form to MerusCase Support.

Creating a New Court Packet

  1. Click the Documents tab and select DWC E-file Packets.

  2. Click the New Court Packet button.

  3. Select a Case by typing in a portion of the case caption. As you type, the system will filter through your firm’s case list. Select the case from the case list.

  4. Select the Packet Type for this filing.

  5. Choose a Cover Sheet and Form to attach to the case. If one has not already been created for this case, select the Create New option.

  6. Click Save to create the packet.

Submitting a Packet to the DWC

Once a packet has been created, MerusCase will prompt the user to attach all required documents prior to submitting the packet to the DWC.

The DWC Packet Detail view displays a two column view allowing the user to drag & drop files from the case into the packet.

Case Documents, any Word or PDF files uploaded or created within the case, will be displayed in the left column. Documents in this Packet will be displayed in the right column, along with prompts about Required and Optional documents

  1. Click the Documents tab and select DWC E-file Packets. Select the packet from the list.

  2. Attach documents to the packet by dragging and dropping the documents from the left column to the right. You can also use the filter bar in the left column to search for specific documents.

  3. Use the Document Type, Document Title, and Author fields to properly label the documents. The Author field is limited to 40 characters.


    If the document you just included in the packet is supposed to fulfill a missing requirement, select the Document Type and the Document Title from the dropdown menus. If your packet is missing a Proof of Service, for example, select Proof of Service from the dropdown menu. Once selected, the missing requirement will no longer be present for the Proof of Service.
  4. Enter a signature at the bottom of the right column, and click Save Signature.

  5. Once all the required documents are attached and you are ready to submit, click the Submit to DWC button.

Check the Status of a Packet

The status of a packet is visible both in the DWC Court E-Filings (CA) tab under the column Status and in the DWC Packet Detail view.

Once a packet is submitted to the DWC, the status will change from Not Submitted to Submitted. Generally, firms receive a response from the DWC within a few hours of submitting. If a packet has been successfully submitted, the status will update to Accepted. If the packet has an issue and the court rejects it, the status will update to Rejected.

Additionally, firms will still receive notification from the court in the same way they have historically received notifications (e.g. email, paper mail, etc.).

If your packet has been rejected, view the details of this error in the DWC Packet Detail view. The response from the DWC system is displayed in the Transmission Log from Court System section. If that information is not visible, click the Show Details button on the right-hand side of the panel.

The Unstructured Packet Type

In addition to the standard packet types listed above, MerusCase provides an Unstructured packet type for other filing requests. This packet is essentially a blank slate; you can attach and label whichever documents you choose from your case file. The complete list of filing types can be found here. You can also see the JET File homepage for more information.