Charges Tab

Details of Arrest

To edit the arrest details, click on the Edit button. On click, the editable fields will appear. Enter in all necessary information and click Save. The information includes:

Charges / Prior Conviction

In this section, you can view and edit details of the charge(s)/prior(s).

Adding a New Charge / Prior Conviction

To add a new charge, click on the Add Charge / Add Prior button. On click, a new section will appear. Enter in information as necessary and click Save. The information includes:

Once saved, the charge/prior conviction will appear as a line item in the Charges Against Defendant / Other Convictions section.

Editing a Charge / Prior Conviction

Click on the line item you want to edit. The edit view will appear, allowing you to edit the info as necessary. Click Edit and - when finished - click Save.

Deleting a Charge / Prior Conviction

To delete, click on the control column (seen as three little dots) next to the line item and click Delete.


To streamline your record-keeping, a conviction in one case automatically becomes a prior in any following cases with that same defendant.