The Outbox tab contains any message that has not been successfully sent to the recipient. If you have messages in your Outbox, then those messages need your attention. For instance, if you lose your internet connection when you initially send a message, the message will appear in the Outbox tab where you then have the choice to discard the message and start over or Resend.


If you see an email in your Outbox, that means the recipient has not received your message (as it hasn't been sent) and the message has not been saved to the corresponding casefile.

Resend, Forward, and Delete

When a message from the Outbox is open, there will be several actions you can take with this message. These include Resend, Forward, and Delete.

Resend can be used to attempt sending the email again. If the email failed to send due to internet connection issues, then clicking ‘Resend’ will send the email.

Forward can be used to send an email to an alternate recipient and make additional changes to the message. This option will be most helpful when the email you tried to send was to an invalid email address.

Delete can be used to remove the message from the Outbox. If you no longer need the message or its content, then deleting the message from the Outbox will be the best course of action. Deleting emails from the Outbox tab functions in the same way as deleting emails from the Inbox tab.


The Outbox tab contains a Compose button, which allows you to compose a new message.