Document Automation with Forms & Templates

A wide variety of Court Forms and Templates are available through MerusCase. Forms & Templates allow users to automatically fill in data from a case into PDFs and letters with just one click.

As Forms & Templates pull in case specific data, the option to create a form or template is only available in the Left-Panel Navigation when in a case.

To access a form or template when in a case, click on Forms & Templates in the left-hand panel. On click, a submenu will appear. The Form options change depending on the type of case you are currently in. For instance, if the current case is a Civil case, the option for Civil forms will be readily available while some other case type forms will be hidden. However, please note that there are forms available for Family Law, Immigration, Workers’ Compensation, and more. All form categories will be displayed in the Form tab submenu

Court Forms & PDF Creation

Forms allow firms to create, save, and view PDFs while eliminating the need to manually type in all case information.


If you're looking for a form that you can't seem to find in MerusCase, contact MerusCase Support. If the form you're looking for is, in fact missing, our team will have the form up and ready for you to use within a few short business days.

MS Word Templates

Templates in MerusCase are meant to make creating commonly used Word documents quick and easy. MerusCase templates utilize merge fields which pull in information form your case, so letters and other documents are formatted and filled in upon creation.


Have a custom template you'd like to add to your firm's list? See documentation on Creating Custom Templates