Merging a Template (Autofilling Case Information)

Once you have determined which template you’d like to use to create your document, you’ll want to Merge information from the case into the template automatically.

For many tables in MerusCase, there will be what’s called a control column. The color of the control column will change based on the theme being used, but it will consistently display three dots in the form of an ellipsis.

This control column is where additional options for each line item will be.

Click on the control column and select Merge Document. Alternatively, you can also click on the row of the template you’d like created and then click Merge Template in the upper right of the right-panel preview.

On click, the template will either automatically merge and be downloaded or it will prompt you to select and confirm the data to be merged from the case in the Auto-Fill Options box. Take this opportunity to select the appropriate info from the dropdown menus. If a drop-down menu already has a name filled in, then MerusCase has taken an educated guess as to which party you are hoping to use.


For templates with "CC" or "Proof of Service" fields, check the boxes next to the names of the parties you wish to include on the document. Feel free to utilize the Select All/Select None options if convenient.

Under Document Name, type the document name you wish to include. If you do not wish to change the name, the document will simply have the template’s name. Additionally, select an appropriate activity tag (in addition to the automatically assigned Document tag).


Workflows that are associated with Activity Tags will also be initiated from here after the document has merged and the conditions of your Workflow are met. You will see a notice under the Document Name of the associated Workflows, along with the number of events and tasks that will initiate after merging.

Once complete, click Merge. The merged document will automatically download and open in Microsoft Word (MS Word) on your local machine.

QuickSave to MerusCase

Once you’ve merged and opened a template, there will be a MerusCase QuickSave button at the top of MS Word. When you click this icon, any changes you make to your template will be saved back into MerusCase.

Upon using QuickSave, the old version of the document will be hidden from your Activities list for the case, and the new version will replace it.


If you do not see the MerusCase QuickSave button, you may need to adjust your macro settings in Microsoft Word. Please follow the short instructions on the Setting Up the QuickSave Macro page. Also, be sure that when trying to QuickSave the document, you are not using your local Save button as this will not save documents into MerusCase, just on your local machine.