Why is a voided check needed?

Voided Check - MerusPay Application

Voided checks or a bank letter are required in order to verify that you are in fact the owner of the bank account you are trying to connect as an added layer of financial and identity protection to our valued customers. Otherwise it could be possible for someone impersonating your identity to apply for a payments account using your information, but connect their bank account to receive payments.

If you do not have a voided check - a bank letter or statement will suffice. This is required for each account, in order to verify ownership. A bank letter should contain all of the following - an official bank letterhead, the business name, full routing and account numbers, and is signed by a bank representative.


OUR COMPLIANCE TEAM: Our Compliance team may reach out to you directly regarding your application to request clarification or further details from compliance@meruscase.com.