Uploading Documents

Documents can be added to specific case files in MerusCase by specifying the case file’s ID in the request. Supported file types include PDF, DOCX, RTF and others. All documents will receive the “Document” activity tag in each case’s Activity tab, as well as any additional tags you choose to include. If you enter an activity description, it will likewise be included.


POST https://api.meruscase.com/uploads/add


Name Type Description
data[Upload][case_file_id] integer Required The target case file’s id
data[Upload][submitted_files][] file Required The file to be uploaded
data[Activity][activity_type_id][] string Comma delimited list of activity type ids
data[Activity][activity] string An optional, additional activity description to accompany the upload

Examples: cUrl

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer 1234567898765431abcdef"\
-F "data[Upload][submitted_files][]=@Desktop/test.docx"\
-F "data[Upload][upload_type_id]=1"\
-F "data[Upload][case_file_id]=123456"\
-F "data[Activity][activity_type_id][]=101,110"\
-F "data[Activity][activity]=Test Document Description"\
JavaScript Example Forthcoming

Supported Document Types

The following MIME types are supported:

• application/pdf
• application/xml
• application/msword
• application/wordperfect
• application/rtf
• text/plain