Batch Scanning

Batch scanning allows MerusCase users to quickly upload, rename, and manage documents. You simply upload one large scanned file of many documents to MerusCase with MerusCase Separator Sheets between the documents. Batch scanning is particularly helpful for scanning and uploading new mail, medical records, and contributes to a paperless office. For additional tips on moving towards a paperless office, check out our White Paper entitled How to Go Paperless.


Batch scans must contain separator sheets between each document. If you are only uploading one document, use the document upload type instead of a batch scan.

Uploading Batch Scan Documents

To utilize the batch scan feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and print the MerusCase Separator Sheet, which is also available from the Forms & Templates section of any case. For best results, print the separator sheets on white paper.

  2. Insert a separator sheet between each of the documents you wish to separate.

  3. Scan the documents into a single file, which will need to be a PDF.

  4. In MerusCase, navigate to Documents > Upload Tool and follow the procedure to upload the scanned PDF with an Upload Type of Batch Scan.

  5. Click Documents > Batch Scan History to track your upload’s progress or Documents > Recent Firm PDFs to rename and manage the split files. Additionally, any documents split from batch scans will be available in your MerusCase Inbox.

Tips for Successful Batch Scans

The most important part of the MerusCase Separator Sheet is the bar code. Without the barcode, MerusCase will not detect where your documents need to be separated. The scale and orientation may be changed without any compromise in performance, but the bar code must remain intact.

Consequently, please print your MerusCase Separator Sheets in the best available quality. Also, before physically scanning the documents, we suggest first programming the following settings for your scanner:

  1. Resolution: 150-300 DPI

  2. Non-Dithered

  3. Black and White (1-bit or Non-Grayscale)

Practice uploading batch scans using our sample batch scan document to ensure you understand the process.

If your batch scan upload is not splitting the file as you expect it to, double check that your scan is not dithered. Dithering dramatically reduces the contrast between the black and white spaces on the MerusCase Separator Sheet, making the bar code difficult to identify. If you’re unsure whether your document is dithered, try zooming in on the bar code of a separator sheet. If the file is dithered, you’ll see black and white pixels interspersed in the black regions of the barcode.


Don't like seeing notifications of uploads in your inbox? Be sure to review the option to prevent uploaded documents from being sent to your MerusCase Inbox via User Preferences.

Batch Scan History

If you’re not sure where your uploaded batch scan documents ended up, the original document will be available in the Batch Scan History via Documents > Batch Scan History. With multiple users working on a case, documents can sometimes get mistakenly assigned to the wrong user and become difficult to locate. You can use the Batch Scan History to monitor how each document gets parsed. It will also keep a historical record of the documents.


To preview an uploaded batch scan file, simply click anywhere on the line item corresponding to that file. This will open a preview of the document in right-panel mode. On a mobile device, this preview will occupy the entire screen.


To download the batch scan file from MerusCase, click the download icon in the upper-right hand corner of the document preview.


To forward the batch scan upload as an email attachment, click the right-facing arrow icon in the upper-right hand corner of the document preview, then compose your message as you usually would.


To rename the entire batch scan document, click the Rename button at the top of the document preview. This will allow you to alter the document name.

To save the changes you’ve made, click Save. To opt out of these changes, click Cancel.


To close the preview, click the X in the upper-left hand corner of the preview.


To delete, click on the Control Column (displayed as three little dots) next to the desired line item and select Delete.

Generally, anytime a user deletes an item, a popup message will appear asking for confirmation from the user.