Import Case Data from the California DWC

If you’re working on a California Division of Workers’ Compensation case, then we’ve made it easy for you to import the data about the applicant, injury information, employer, hearing judge, lein claimants, and law firms involved in the case. This is a particularly useful tool when there are many employers or lein claimants on the case. Rather than manually entering the information for a case, you only have to enter the case number.

Automatic Case Creation

  1. Navigate to Cases > New Case

  2. Make sure the Case Type field is set to Workers’ Compensation

  3. Add your case number to the EAMS Case Number field.

  4. Wait for MerusCase to load the case information on the right-hand side of the screen.

  5. Click Save.

Once you click Save, you will be taken to the Parties tab of the newly-created case. The injury information will be stored in the Injuries tab.


After entering the EAMS case number during case creation, you can use the nearby check box select the parties that will be imported. If a contact has already been created in your rolodex, you probably want to uncheck that party and add them from the Parties Tab.