Recent Firm PDFs

Recent Firm PDFs, accessible via Documents > Recent Firm PDFs, contains all of the PDFs uploaded to the firm in the past 14 days. This includes any split files from batch scanning.

Filtering Recent Firm PDFs

Any table in MerusCase allows for filtering across any of the columns on your screen to provide the user a tailored list within the system. In other words, use the filter to quickly find a specific line item within the table.

Additionally, MerusCase supports the use of multiple filters at once. For instance, a user can search for all open (by the Case Status column) cases within Browse Cases and then apply a second filter to then search for Assigned to Me (by the Staff column) within those open cases.

To apply multiple filters, enter the first filter then click on the magnifying glass. On click, a drop-down window will appear. Click Add Filter and toggle what to filter by.

Select Always use this column if you wish to always use the same filter type. Many firms find it particularly useful to select this option when filtering for cases, forms, or templates.


MerusCase filtering has very powerful Search and Filter Tricks available to you, such as Custom Filter Shortcuts, powerful keywords, Preset Filters and even more!

To remove a filter, click on the added filter button (each applied filter appears as a button underneath the Search/Filter bar). For example, to remove the filter for open cases, click on the button Status: Open underneath the Search/Filter bar.

Using QuickFilters

Located above the filter bar are QuickFilters. When clicked on, the QuickFilter populates the filter bar with the chosen selector and finds all PDFs that apply.

Additional Options

For many tables in MerusCase, there will be what’s called a control column. The color of the control column will change based on the theme being used, but it will consistently display three dots in the form of an ellipsis.

This control column is where additional options for each line item will be.

It can be used to link documents to cases, create tasks based on documents, download documents, or delete documents.


To preview a PDF, simply click anywhere on the line item corresponding to that file. This will open a preview of the document in right-panel mode. On a mobile device, this preview will occupy the entire screen.


To download a PDF from MerusCase, click the download icon in the upper-right hand corner of the document preview. Alternatively, use the Download option from the control column.


To forward the PDF as an email attachment, click the right-facing arrow icon in the upper-right hand corner of the document preview. For additional assistance with sending emails through MerusCase, refer to the article on Messages.


To rename the PDF, click the Rename button at the top of the document preview. This will allow you to alter the document name. To save the changes you’ve made, click Save. To opt out of these changes, click Cancel.

Edit Activity

To edit the activity for this document’s upload into a case file, click the Edit Activity button in the top right of the preview or through the control column. This will allow you to enter a description, add activity tags, and/or log time for the newly created activity in the case’s Activity tab.

To link a split file to a case, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the document preview. Alternatively, use the Link to Case option from the control column for the document.
  1. Type the case name or number into the Case field and select the appropriate case from the drop-down list.

  2. If Notify Attorney Responsible is checked, the user listed as Attorney Responsible on the case will receive an email notification that the document has been uploaded.

  3. To add Activity Tags to PDFs beyond the tag of ‘Document,’ click the plus-sign to the right of the Activity Tags that have already been applied.

  4. If desired, change the Document Name here. This is the name by which the document will show up in the case.

  5. Enter an activity description into the rich text field. (Optional)

  6. You can also create ledger items while linking documents to the case. For additional information on tracking time via ledger items, refer to the article entitled Logging Time in MerusCase.

Once all fields have been entered, click Save.

Assign a Task

You can even add tasks Using the control column, click to open the options for the document. Select Add Task. Fill in the fields appropriately, just as you would if adding a task in the Tasks section. Click Save.


To close the preview, click the X in the upper-left hand corner of the preview.


To delete, click on the Control Column (displayed as three little dots) next to the desired line item and select Delete.

Generally, anytime a user deletes an item, a popup message will appear asking for confirmation from the user.