Creating a New Contact or Company

Adding a new Company or Contact to the firm rolodex in MerusCase is quick and easy and can be done from the Contacts menu, from the Parties tab of a case, or during case creation. Any contacts in the firm’s rolodex will become available firm-wide and can be used to add as parties on cases, quickly address emails in the Messages section, and to link to tasks or activities.

From within the Contacts Section

  1. In the top menu of MerusCase, go to Contacts and click on either New Contact or New Company, as appropriate.

  2. In the interface that opens after clicking on New Contact or New Company, input the necessary information for that contact/company.

  3. Before adding a new contact to the rolodex, MerusCase will search for existing contacts/companies of the same name in order to help you avoid creating duplicate contacts/companies. Checking the Force Creation checkbox will allow you to create contacts/companies of the same name. You would only want to use the Force Creation feature if you were adding two completely unique individuals who happen to have identical names.

  4. Click Save. Once you have saved, you can add additional, more detailed information about the contact/company.

Creating a New Contact or Company in a Case

During Case Creation

Every new case is centered around the party who initiated the action, such as the plaintiff. When creating a new case, a new contact will automatically be created if the contact cannot be found within the rolodex.

From the Parties tab

When adding parties a case from the Parties tab, new rolodex entries can be created simultaneously.