Is MerusCase Accessible Offline?

MerusCase is a cloud-based system which means it’s accessible anywhere a user has internet access. However, we occasionally are asked how to access MerusCase offline.

The simple answer is that no one can access Merus offline. We understand that many users would like to (we often hear that internet access is spotty at the board), but we do not allow users to do this for the following reasons:

MerusCase is Designed to Show a Case’s Status in Real-Time

MerusCase tracks every message, every task recorded, every phone call made, every letter sent, and everything else involved for each case a user works on. MerusCase also tracks which user performed this action or activity. This tracking allows multiple users across the firm to view the case’s status real-time. So, if Managing Attorney “A” in the office creates a task for Staff-member “B”, Staff-member “B” can see this task assigned to him/her milliseconds after Managing Attorney “A” clicks Save.

MerusCase Minimizes the Possibility of Discrepancies

For instance, what if Managing Attorney “A”, who is working offline, changes the comments section under Case Info and doesn’t sync this change to Merus for six hours. During those six hours, Assistant Handling makes real-time changes in MerusCase to the comments section in that same case. When Managing Attorney “A” logs back into Merus and syncs his changes to the system, which user takes precedence? Do both comments merge together?

Using MerusCase online will ensure that everything is being updated in real-time which minimizes the potential for issues like this!

MerusCase Protects your Data

We ensure that your firm maintains HIPAA compliance. We worry about the nuts and bolts so you don’t have to. But ICYMI, if a user downloads a document (or even worse - an entire case!) containing PHI to his/her hard-drive, that data is no longer secure. Any information on your hard-drive is no longer encrypted and is now available for unauthorized people to view.

MerusCase is Updated Monthly

Sometimes more often! Making the system available offline would slow the updating process down AND it would mean more IT expenses for our clients because they may have to hire someone to install these updates. Many of our current customers switched to merus from server/locally installed software - they understand how painful that install process can be both in lost dollars and lost productivity.


It is possible to download a Document Archive of any case within MerusCase at any time. However, please note that doing so could compromise your client’s security as outlined in MerusCase minimized the possibility of discrepancies.

Also, in response to users asking about accessing MerusCase offline because of the spotty internet service at the Board? We’ve heard from other clients that they’ve learned where the good spots are and they tend to camp out there. Plus, most phone carriers now allow you to use your cell phone as a modem/you can tether your cell data and create a hotspot for you to work!


Not all phone carriers are created equal - internet speed, and incidentally the speed of Merus for you personally, depends on which service you currently have.