MerusPay Overview

Getting Started - Filling out the Application

MerusPay Application Page

MerusPay Application Step One

MerusPay Application Step Two


The system currently requires that an Operating Account be selected as the Merchant Account.

MerusPay Operating Account Details

MerusPay Trust Account Details

MerusPay Application Submission Email

You’ve been approved! Now what?

When you are ready to send out your invoices for payment, follow these steps:


If you want all of your future invoices enabled for online payments, you can enable this in the Payments Application page under Tools & Settings.

Enable Online Payment Invoice Checkbox

Invoice Email Options

Important Note

You cannot modify the Contact or Invoice number when sending an invoice.

Email Invoice View

Invoice Sent Confirmation

Payments Tab

Payments history, for both fully reconciled and unreconciled payments, can be reviewed in the Payments tab within the Books feature.

In the Payments: History tab, you can see all of your pending, successful, and failed payments.

Payments History Table

When clicking on the Payment ID of a payment, you can see the details of the payment:

Payments Details View

In the same modal, you can click on Invoices and see which invoice(s) the payment is attached to:

Payments Details View Invoice Tab