Spousal Support Tab

Family Law - Spousal Support cases in MerusCase have a unique tab labeled Spousal Support. This tab is a useful resource for keeping track of the spousal support details. You can quickly refer to the petitioner’s and/or respondent’s contact card(s) as well as view the particulars of the proposed and/or agreed-upon plan(s) for spousal support.

Entering Spousal Support Details (Proposed)

  1. Open your Case File.

  2. Click the Spousal Support tab.

  3. Click the Edit button toward the right of your screen.

  4. Fill in the fields for Spousal Support Details in the Proposed section:

    • Court Case Number: The case number for this case.

    • Spousal Support Payable To: From the parties on the case (as well as a generic Petitioner/Respondent option if one isn’t listed under the Parties tab for the case), select who would receive the spousal support.

    • Spousal Support Start & End Dates, Amount, Frequency, Notes: Details of spousal support, including dates and financial specifics.

Entering Spousal Support Details (Current Agreement)

This section is largely the same but for a few details (e.g. Agreement Date). You can either manually enter in the information using the same instructions as above for the Proposed section, or you can click Approve Proposal next to the Edit button toward the right in order to transfer the info in the Proposed section to the Current Agreement section. Note that this will overwrite any info in the Current Agreement section.