Messaging Overview

Email Setup

Setup external email accounts for both incoming and outgoing messages via Email Setup. The benefits for syncing one’s email to MerusCase include being able to quickly link messages to cases, send messages with information and documents readily available, and more.


Users can send emails, referred to as messages, through MerusCase. The Compose Message screen can be opened from a variety of sources, including the Messages dropdown menu, the Inbox, the Sent tab, the Drafts tab, the Outbox, and even from within a case!


You can find any messages sent to you in your MerusCase Inbox. MerusCase also supports Shared inboxes, so the entire office can see the inbox for a specific email address.


Messages successfully sent through MerusCase will always be shown in the Sent tab. This tab will synchronize with any linked outgoing accounts, so it’s useful as a reference for emails you’ve previously sent.


The Drafts tab will house any unfinished emails you were in the process of writing, allowing you to return to them at a later point.


The Outbox tab contains any messages that have not successfully been sent to the recipient. If you have messages in your Outbox, then those messages likely need your attention.