Settlements in MerusCase allow firms to track and manage pertinent financial information such as the gross amount of the settlement, the medical and legal fees, as well as the dates settled, received, distributed, and more.

The settlements section can be found within the submenu of the $ tab within a case. Many firms have historically referred to this as the Ledger Tab from previous MerusCase versions.


If a case settlement is linked to an invoice or bill, the settlement or the case to which it is attached cannot be deleted.

Adding a New Settlement

To create a new settlement, click on Add Settlement. On click, fields to enter a settlement name, fees, and dates will appear.

Fill in all information that pertains to the settlement and click Save. A settlement can be created without any information entered as a placeholder to be edited later.


The fields for Legal Fee (Amount) and Legal Fee (%) will update and match when an amount or percentage is entered. For instance, if the amount is entered for $500.00 on a settlement with a gross amount of $3,000.00, the percentage field will automatically be calculated to 16.67% and vice versa.
This also means that if the gross amount needs to be editted after the amount has been entered, the legal fee amount and percentage will also update accordingly.

Editing a Settlement

To edit an existing settlement, click on Edit in the upper right part of the settlement. Once in edit mode, make any neccessary changes and click Save.

Deleting a Settlement

To delete a settlement, click on Delete. On click, the system will prompt the user to confirm the deletion of this settlment via a pop-up dialogue box. To confirm, click Yes, I know what I’m doing. To cancel and not delete the settlement, click No, never mind.