Adding a New Event

From the Main Menu

  1. Click on Calendar.

  2. Select New Event from the menu.

New Event


From within a case, clicking the New Case Event option as opposed to New Event will automatically fill in the current case in the Case field.

From Any View

  1. Click on the New Event button.

From (My/Firm) Calendar View

If you’re currently in Day view, then skip to step two.

  1. Click on the desired date which will take you to the day view.

  2. Click within the desired time which will take you to the Schedule New Event display.

From an ICS Invite

Opening an email through MerusCase that contains an ICS invitation, will give you the option to add the event directly to your calendar. Simply click on Add to Merus Calendar to accept the invitation and add it to your calendar.

As a reference, you can even see your agenda (events you’re assigned to) for the day of the event on the right.

Filling in Event Info

Once you have added an event, you will need to fill in the event information. In order to finish creating an event, a Title, Description, and Type must be filled. By default, a new event will have a date and duration entered for the date of creation.


A Case is not required for an event, but when filling in the Case field, the event will be attached to the selected case.


When Notify Assignees is checked, the ICS invitation will only contain the event's Title, Case Name, When, Where, and Assignees (name and email).