Save to Merus Add-In (Word)

The Save to Merus add-in allows you to upload, edit, and save documents directly from Word to your case files in MerusCase. It is compatible with Word 2016, Word 2016 for Mac, and Word Online in Office 365.

It should not be confused with the QuickSave macro, which allows you to download a doc from a case file, edit it in Word, and then save it back to the case file in one click.


The Save to Merus add-in requires that your computer have Internet Explorer 11 installed (though you can still use whichever web browser you prefer and usually use), meaning that Windows 8.0 cannot use the add-ins as it is limited to Internet Explorer 10. Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 will all have no issue.

Installing the Save to Merus Add-In

  1. Click on this link to head to the Save To Merus page on the Microsoft Office Store website.

  2. Click on the green Add button.

  3. Follow the appropriate given Microsoft instructions on enabling add-ins in your version of Word and for the type of computer (Windows or Mac) that you’re using.

Using the Save to Merus Add-In

When you launch Microsoft Word, you will see a Merus tab near the top of your screen in the same row which contains the File tab. Click on this tab, then click on Show Taskpane near the top left of your screen to see the Save to Merus taskpane.

Logging In

Log in to your Merus account in the MerusCase taskpane on the right just as you would in your web browser. Enter your Email and Password, then click Login. You will then see new options appear, including a greeting, a Sign Out button, and a refresh button, as well as some blank fields.

Uploading a Document

  1. Start typing in the desired case name into the Search Cases field. Just as you would expect from the search bar in Browse Cases within MerusCase, this will automatically bring up suggestions as you type. Select the desired case name. If you wish to change this later, click the Change button next to the case name and.

  2. Type in a Document Name. This is the name under which you will find this document saved in the case’s Activity tab.

  3. Optionally, type in a Description. It will be saved to the same description field which you can edit for an activity in the Activity tab.

  4. Click Save to upload the document to MerusCase. You will see a confirmation here when the upload is finished.

If you wish to save this document again, simply click the refresh button and repeat the above steps.