Can files be sorted in MerusCase?

Absolutely! Sort all files, documents, and notes with Activity Tags in MerusCase. Activity tags essentially apply a label to an action that has been recorded in a case.

Refer to Case Activities for more details on adding tags, filtering for specific tags, and more!

What about Folders?

Many users that transition to MerusCase are used to the paradigm of folders from their previous system. Those users often inquire about having folders in MerusCase.

A folder in MerusCase means applying a label which is called an Activity Tag. It is our assertion that this is a fundamentally better design than folders because it allows a document (or other item as presented in Case Activity) to literally be in two places at once – a document can be both a “Medical Report” and “Evidence”, for example. With folders, it is impossible for a document to appear in two or more places unless you make a copy – which means that eventually, one of them will be the incorrect version (because one was edited/updated and the other was not).