Divorce Tab

Family Law - Divorce cases in MerusCase have a unique tab labeled Divorce. This tab is a useful resource for keeping track of the divorce details. You can quickly refer to the petitioner’s and/or respondent’s contact card(s) as well as view the particulars of the divorce.

Entering Divorce Details

  1. Open your Case File.

  2. Click the Divorce tab.

  3. Click the Edit button toward the right of your screen.

  4. Fill in the numerous fields for Divorce Details:

    • Court Case Number: The case number for this case.

    • Date of Marriage, Relationship Type: The date and type of union.

    • Certificate#, Certificate Issued By: The number of the union certificate as well as the name of the issuer.

    • Dates of Filing, Serving, Separation, and Finalization: Crucial dates in the development of the divorce proceedings.

    • Length of Marriage (year & month): How long the two were in a union.

    • Legal Grounds: The grounds for the divorce.

    • Prenuptial Agreement: Details of the prenuptial agreement between the two.