Systemwide Values

Certain fields in the MerusCase API reference data points by ID, which have been noted below for easy reference. These cannot be changed, however, there may be additional options available to the authenticated user beyond those indicated below, such as custom case types. Additionally, the user types may be modified by any firm-specific custom permissions which have been applied.

Activity Types

In addition to firm-specific activity types, there are a number of built-in types, many of which are tied to specific functionality in MerusCase. They are listed below for reference.

ID Type
1 Hidden
2 Automatic
3 Form Created
4 Form Edited
5 Form Completed
6 Status Changed
7 Form Cloned
9 Document
10 Photo/Graphic
11 Message
12 Event Created
13 Case Created
14 Case Consolidated
15 Message (Sending in Progress)
16 Event Updated
17 Event Deleted
18 Template Merged
19 Document Opened
20 Task Created
21 Task Completed
22 Task Updated
23 Cancelled
24 Subpoena Request
25 Subpoenaed Document
26 Task Deleted
30 DWC Parcel Deleted
31 DWC Parcel Created
32 DWC Parcel Updated
33 DWC Parcel Submitted
34 DWC Parcel Attachments Log
35 DWC Parcel eFile Submission Confirmation
36 DWC Parcel eFile Submission Completed
37 DWC Parcel eFile Submission Failed
39 Form Completed (Import)
40 Filing Date Recorded
50 Statute Set
55 Case Status Message
100 Manual Entry
101 Note
102 Letter Sent
103 Fax Sent
104 Email Sent
105 Letter Received
106 Fax Received
107 Email Received
108 Proof Sent
109 Fee
110 Payment
111 Telephone Call
112 Copy Service Request
113 Reviewed

Case Types

Case Types are accessed via the API using their ID. Systemwide case types are listed below, and will also appear in requests for case types, in addition to any firm-specific types available to the authenticated user. Modules (tabs) available beyond Activities, Case Details and Parties are also noted.

ID Case Type Modules (Tabs) Available
1 Workers’ Compensation Case Ledgers, Injuries
2 Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle Accident Case Ledgers, Vehicle Accidents
3 Americans with Disabilities Act Case Ledgers
4 Lien Claim Case Ledgers
5 Third-Party Case Ledgers
6 Attorney Case Ledgers
7 Social Security Case Ledgers
8 Family Law Case Ledgers
9 Civil Case Ledgers
10 Veteran’s Administration Case Ledgers
11 Immigration Case Ledgers, Immigrations
12 Bankruptcy Case Ledgers
14 Employment Case Ledgers
15 Criminal Case Ledgers, Arrests
16 Probate/Conservatorship Case Ledgers
17 Consult Only Case Ledgers
18 Estate Planning (Consult) Case Ledgers
19 Personal Injury - Premise Liability (Slip and Fall) Case Ledgers, Premise Liabilities
20 Personal Injury - Product Liability Case Ledgers, Product Liabilities
21 Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice Case Ledgers, Malpractices
22 Personal Injury - General Case Ledgers, General Incidents
23 Immigration With Removal Case Ledgers, Immigrations
24 Real Estate - Buyer Case Ledgers
25 Real Estate - Seller Case Ledgers
26 Real Estate - Bank/Lender Case Ledgers

Ledger Types

Ledger types can be used to filter case ledgers, to limit results to a given subset of entries. They are referenced by ID, as indicated below, and correspond to either the Operating Account or the Client Account.

ID Ledger Type Account
1 Expense - Generic Operating
2 Expense - Travel Operating
3 Expense - Meals Operating
4 Expense - Item Operating
20 Invoice: Settlement Reached Operating
21 Invoice: Lien Filed Operating
50 Invoice: Billable Time Operating
51 Invoice: Non-Billable Time Operating
59 Invoice: Fee Operating
60 Invoice: Deposition Fee Operating
61 Invoice: TD Operating
70 Write-Off/Charge-Off Operating
80 Bill: Refund/Chargeback Operating
81 Bill: Disbursement Client
82 Bill: Fee Client
83 Bill: Expense Client
101 Payment Rec’d: Generic Operating
102 Payment Rec’d: Deposition Fee Operating
103 Payment Rec’d: TD Operating
104 Payment Rec’d: Settlement Operating
105 Payment Rec’d: Recovery Operating
106 Payment Rec’d: Fee Operating
107 Payment Received: Settlement Client
108 Retainer Client
110 Settlement Reached Client
111 Discount: Generic Operating
112 Write-Down: Generic Operating
113 Cash Discount Operating
140 Disbursement: Generic Operating
141 Disbursement: Referral Operating
201 Bill Paid: Refund/Chargeback Operating

User Types

User Types, or user access levels, determine the level of access a user has to information saved in MerusCase. As per Case Types and Ledger Types above, they are referenced by their ID, as noted below.

ID Label Description
1 Read-Only Read-only access to all non-accounting modules. No edit or delete capabilities.
5 General Staff View and edit capabilities on all non-accounting modules. Time tracking enabled. Deletion not allowed except on just-created items.
6 Power User Full access to all modules, except accounting and user administration.
7 Power User with Accounting Full access to all modules, except user administration.
9 Firm Administrator Full access to all modules, including accounting and user administration.