Case Progress Setup

Any Administrator in your firm can use Case Progress Setup to add new Case Progress Templates either for all case types or for a specific case type. It can be accessed from anywhere via Tools & Settings > Firm Display Options > Case Progress Setup (Default Budgets/Phases), or from any given case’s Case Details tab by clicking the Options button (top right of Case Progress Timeline) > Case Progress Setup (Firmwide).


Adding a New Progress Template

The New Progress Template button will open a window in the right-panel that only asks for three fields.

After you’ve filled in that info, click Save. The newly-created Template will show up in the table, at which point it can be edited.

Editing a Progress Template

Click on the line item for a Template, or click on the Control Column (three little dots) to the left of the line item for the Template you wish to edit, and then click Edit Progress Template.

Deleting a Progress Template

Click on the Control Column (three little dots) to the left of the line item for the Template you wish to delete, and then click Delete Progress Template.


Note that you cannot delete a Template if it's currently in use.

Cloning a Progress Template

Click on the Control Column (three little dots) by the line item for the Template you’re seeking to clone, and then click Clone Progress Template. Note that the new Template will be absolutely identical apart from having “(Cloned)” appended to its name.


Each segment of time on the Case Progress Template is a Phase, which denotes a distinct period of billing in the case (e.g. Pre-Trial versus Trial). Phases allow you to structure billing according to a case’s progression, per your or your billing contacts’ needs.

Adding a Phase

To add a Phase to a Template, first select the Template by clicking on its line item. Then, click Add Phase in the right-panel and fill in the following info.

When you’re done, click Save to finish your editing or Cancel to scrap the Phase creation altogether.

Editing a Phase

To edit a Phase in a Template, first click on the Template’s line item to open its details in the right-panel. Click Edit to open up its details (see above) for editing and click Save after you’ve made the desired changes.

Reordering Phases in a Template

Right under the Edit and Delete buttons on each Phase is a number telling you the order in which Phases occur. To reorder them, click and hold over a Phase you wish to move, then drag it to the desired spot in the ordering; each change is saved automatically, so there’s no need to hit a Save button. The top-most Phase occurs first, and the bottom-most Phase occurs last.

Deleting a Phase

Once you have the Template’s details open in the right-panel, simply click Delete for the Phase you wish to remove.

Be careful about the consequences of editing or deleting Phases!

For Progress Templates which are currently in use, think through the ripple effect of editing sensitive fields on a Phase (e.g. the limit on billable time) or deleting a Phase altogether. This could, for instance, leave (at least) one of your case ledgers with too much billable time in a Phase.