Immigration Tab

Immigration and Immigration With Removal cases in MerusCase have a unique tab labeled Immigration. This is where you can keep track of relevant information about the client, including their previous addresses and employment history.


Using the Set Hearing button, you may create calendar events for any hearings in this case. They will appear on your calendar like any other event, but they will also appear in this section for easy reference.

Client Details

The information presented in this section is pulled from the party under the Parties tab which is the client on this case. It contains essential information such as the client’s alien registration number, nationality, city & country of birth, and whether an interpreter is needed.

Please note that info such as immigration status, race & ethnicity, eye & hair color, and height & weight is stored on the contact’s contact card and can be viewed/edited there.

Previous Addresses

Here, you can store and view all previous addresses for the client. Clicking Edit Addresses will display the Previous Addresses tab for the client on the right of the screen.

For more information on managing Previous Addresses, refer to Contacts.

Employment History

For any previous employer, you can track the company name, as well as the client’s position at the company, start and end dates of employment, and reason your client is no longer with the company. Clicking Edit Employment will display a tab on the right with the client’s employment history.

For more information on managing Employment History, refer to Contacts.

Travel History

Click Edit Travel to add, edit, and remove instances of the client’s travel history. In the right-panel menu that opens, you can:

Each entry contains information about the points & dates for both departure and arrival, as well as the reason for travel, desination, manner of entry, and ID Document (pulled from the below section).

ID Documents

Click Edit Documents to add, edit, and remove instances of the client’s identification documents. In the right-panel menu that opens, you can:

Each document row specifies the type of document, issuing country, document number, and the dates of issue and expiration. The documents you enter here are the options available for the ID Document field when adding Travel History entries, per the above section.


Travel History and ID Documents can also be edited directly through a contact card.

Immigration Packets

In this tab, you can also create immigration-specific packets (e.g. U Visa) to easily manage and keep track of related immigration forms. For further information on creating and tracking immigration packets, please see Immigration Features - Immigration Packets.