Keyboard Shortcuts in MerusCase

MerusCase includes many built-in keyboard shortcuts to help you work lightning-fast.

Shortcuts for Time Tracking

If you are looking to speed up your time entry, the following shortcuts are sure to help:

Press these keys: To do this:
Ctrl + \ Open the time tracker window


The \ key can be found above the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.

With the Time Tracker open:

Press these keys: To do this:
Tab Selects the next field
Up or Down Arrow Keys Cycle through available options or suggestions
Enter Automatically choose the selected suggestion (case or ledger description)
Esc Triggers the Cancel button
Ctrl + Enter Triggers the Save & Close button
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Triggers the Add More Time button

Opening a New Window of MerusCase

MerusCase supports multiple windows or tabs, so you can have many screens of MerusCase open at the same time. For example, you can have your Calendar open in one window, and your current case open in another. If you have more than one monitor, you can view both screens at the same time!

To open a new window of MerusCase

To open a new window or tab of any link in MerusCase


To open a new tab of your calendar, click the Calendar tab at the top, then right-click on My Calendar and click Open Link in New Tab. You can follow these steps to open any link in MerusCase in a new window or tab.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, there are many shortcuts that can help speed up your workflow as well:

Press these keys: To do this:
Ctrl+C Copy the selected item
Ctrl+V Paste the selected item
Ctrl+F Pull up a search box for the page
Ctrl+F5 Refresh the current page
Ctrl+T Open a new blank tab
Ctrl+N Open a new browser window
Ctrl+Z Undo
Alt+F4 Close the current window
Ctrl+F4 Close the current tab
Ctrl+Shift+T Reopen the last closed tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to the previous tab
Ctrl+Tab Switch to the next tab
Ctrl+ (1-8) Switch to the specified tab (1-8, left-right)
Ctrl + or Ctrl - Zoom in or out
Ctrl+D Bookmark the current website
Ctrl+S Save the current page to your computer
Ctrl+Enter Add “www.” and “.com” around search term