What happens to data that I manually delete from my MerusCase account?

Manually deleted data is kept in a transitional, but unavailable, state in the MerusCase system for a period of 14 days. After 14 days, such data is permanently deleted and cannot be restored without significant assistance from the Merus Product Development team.

For up to 90 days, manually deleted items are kept in an “archive” format that represents a snapshot of data created once per day.

For up to 365 days, archives of monthly snapshots are kept.

For up to 3 years, archives of quarterly snapshots are kept.

After 3 years, all manually deleted data is permanently deleted without any possibility of recovery. Merus, Inc. guarantees that all such data is permanently deleted in no more than 7 years under any circumstance.

Note that items “unsynchronized” or otherwise deleted from a remote email server outside of the MerusCase application is considered “manually deleted”. For example, removing email synchronization capabilities from a MerusCase user account would cause previously synchronized messages that are otherwise unattached from other resources (e.g., a history or chronology record connected to a case matter) to be marked deleted.