Invoice Export Tips: LEDES98b

MerusCase allows firms to export invoices into multiple formats. This article is purely discussing the intricacies of the LEDES98b Invoice specifically.

When you first open your LEDES invoice after exporting it from MerusCase, it will be in a raw format and, therefore, not easily digestible to most people.

To better understand the information in this exported file, we’ve put together this reference guide so that you can ensure the correct information appears in the appropriate field in your LEDES invoice.

Specific case fields in MerusCase correspond mostly one-to-one with LEDES98b fields, and we also provide some extra fallback matching if fields in MerusCase are left empty. Below, we’ve noted the LEDES98b column name, which appears on the second line of the file exported from MerusCase.

For each column name, we’ve also indicated where in MerusCase you can view and edit the information. For example, let’s say you wanted to update the INVOICE_DATE for one of your invoices. To do this, you would need to find the Billing Date of Invoice field for that particular invoice in MerusCase.


For some of the more difficult-to-find fields, we've added a more-specific explanation of where they can be found within MerusCase.

LEDES98b Fields

Workers’ Compensation Specific LEDES98b Fields