Invoice Export Tips: LEDES98B

MerusCase allows firms to export invoices into multiple formats. This article explains the intricacies of the common LEDES98B invoice.

First, here’s what an actual LEDES98B invoice looks like:

LEDES Invoice Sample

Note that the header rows contain a description (i.e. the metadata) for each column contained within the file. The header rows are in ALL CAPS, and data for each ledger item contained within the invoice is listed row-by-row below the header.

In general, LEDES fields are invoice-specific and inherited from individual ledger entries on a case. However, some LEDES fields can be set at the time of case creation.

Creating LEDES98B Invoices

When choosing to create LEDES98B invoices, there are two options:

  1. LEDES 98B
  2. LEDES 98B (Single File)

The first option, LEDES 98B, will export all selected LEDES98B invoices as separate files, like this:

LEDES Invoices - Separate Files

The second option, LEDES 98B (Single File), will export all selected LEDES98B invoices into a single LEDES invoice file, like this:

LEDES Invoices - Single File

Regardless of the option selected, Merus will zip compress the file(s) for faster download and handling. In the process of exporting an invoice into the LEDES98B format, Merus programmatically pulls data from a variety of sources within the system.


The single file option consolidates several invoices into a single LEDES file. Check with your client to see if they support this time-saving option.

Setting up Billing Info

Client-requested variations of LEDES data can be customized at the Billing Contact level in MerusCase. Once a billing contact is assigned to a case, the case will inherit the customized LEDES data sources of the billing contact to ensure your client gets a consistent invoice requiring little to no manual intervention on your behalf. If at any point you want to change the LEDES data on an individual case, you can easily override the settings inherited from the billing contact on an individual case by case basis.

All client-level billing information can be configured in the Billing Setup menu of your client’s contact card. There are two sections:

Default Billing Rates, which appear as such:

Billing Settings

And LEDES Data Sources, as below:

LEDES Data Sources

Many LEDES fields have a primary source (a specific field) within MerusCase that it will pull data from. In order to ensure that no LEDES field goes empty when there is a valid value within MerusCase, if the system encounters an empty primary source it may look for correct data in a secondary, or even tertiary, field.

When you first open your LEDES98B invoice, it will be in a raw format and therefore not easily digestible to those unfamiliar with this invoice format. Below, we’ve noted the LEDES98B column names, which appear listed on the second line of the file.

For each column name, we’ve also indicated where in MerusCase you can view and edit the information. For example, let’s say you wanted to update the INVOICE_DATE for one of your invoices, you would need to find the Billing Date field for that particular invoice within MerusCase.


The following five fields are configurable in the LEDES Data Sources section of a billing contact and can be overridden on the case file at the bottom of Case Details. CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_MATTER_ID, LAW_FIRM_ID, LAW_FIRM_MATTER_ID & TIMEKEEPER_ID

LEDES 98B Fields - Glossary