Billing Rules Overview

Billing Rules enable you to structure your billing according to particular needs, including everything from an hours limit on a user/case/contact basis to only allowing certain users to bill on certain cases to requiring certain key words in ledger descriptions. Any given rule can be configured as either a strict restriction (MerusCase won’t allow the user to violate the rule) or a soft restriction, also called a Warning (MerusCase lets the user know they’re violating the rule but allows them to confirm that they wish to proceed regardless).

Along with Case Progress, layering Billing Rules allows you to streamline your billing by minimizing mistakes and explicitly displaying billing progress on a case by case basis.

Manage Billing Rules

You can manage Billing Rules if you are an Administrator by going to Tools & Settings > Accounting Setup > Billing Rules.

Glossary of Rules

If you need a reference on exactly how a particular rule works, simply consult our Glossary of Billing Rules for the specifics.