User Preferences

MerusCase provides an array of customizable options, allowing users to tailor their experience to their own practice management needs. Most of these options can be found in the User Preferences section. Navigate to the User Preferences panel via Tools & Settings > My Preferences.

Tools & Settings

From here, you will be presented with the option to customize the following things:

Remember to click Save once you have finished making any changes.

Overall Appearance

Case Details

Envelope Printing

Here, you can choose whether or not to include a Return Address when printing a mailing label. The Return Address will match that of the firm branch office assigned to the case for which you are printing an envelope. Only administrators can change letterhead and mailing addresses for firm branches.

Microsoft Word Templates

Billing & Time Tracking

One of MerusCase’s premiere features is the instant tracking of your billable time while you’re working in MerusCase. A courtesy time tracker will appear to log your hours each time you compose an email, create a new task, or log an activity associated with a case. If you want to disable the time tracker, you can do so using the options in the dropdown menu. Additionally, you can designate the default user for whom the time tracker will log billable time. As an administrative assistant, you can also check a box that will allow you to log hours for other users, like the attorneys assigned to a specific case.


The first thing users see when they login to MerusCase is the Dashboard, which displays all of your new messages, upcoming events, tasks and stale case notifications. By altering the preferences in this section, you can customize exactly which information your dashboard will display.

External Notifications & Email Messages


All deleted messages that have been linked to a case will be eternally stored in the Case Activity tab.

Keyboard Shortcuts

MerusCase allows you to designate three Function keys as shortcuts to automatically input information, such as the current date or current date and time into blank fields.

Inline Assistance

Synchronization Options

This section allows you to decide which types of MerusCase contacts you want to share with your mobile device.

Custom Pre-loaded Filters

If you find yourself constantly searching for the same types of cases, contacts or other categories, an easy way to speed up the process of sifting through data is by using our custom pre-loaded filters. Here, you can set the default category for filtering information in certain lists, including bills, casefiles, books, companies, contacts, calendar events and more. You can also make those lists automatically appear filtered by specific text that matches the category you choose. For instance, you could set your preferences so that every time you open your list of cases, it automatically displays only open cases.