Syncing Your Calendar from Outlook

You can access your firm calendar from Outlook. By default, MerusCase will sync events that are assigned to you from one week in the past to six months in the future.


You can adjust the range of events that are synced in User Preferences under Synchronization Options > Calendar Sync (CalDAV).

Calendar - Syncing With Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)


MerusCase does not allow syncing of deleted events. You must only delete events from your MerusCase calendar.
  1. Download the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer tool.

  2. Extract the archive and run the setup.exe. Follow the installation instructions.

  3. Once the tool is installed open Outlook.

  4. Open the new CalDav Synchronizer tab. You should see a few options like Synchronize now, Synchronization Profiles, General Options, etc.

  5. Open Synchronization Profiles and click the plus icon on the upper-left of the window to add a sync profile.

  6. Select Generic CalDAV/CardDAV on the prompt that appears.

  7. Enter the following settings:

    • Name: MerusCase Calendar (This can be anything.)

    • Outlook folder: Use the button on the right of the field to select your calendar from the prompt

    • DAV Url:

    • Username: Your MerusCase User Name

    • Password: Your MerusCase Password

    • Email address: Leave this blank.

  8. Once you have entered your information click Test or discover settings.

  9. You should be prompted with another pop-up. Make sure the MerusCase calendar is selected and continue.

  10. The tool may update your DAV Url after confirmation, click Ok to close the window.